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Who We Are?

Having worked for more than 5 years in the IT Industry, We are damn good in solving global problems with IT and Business solutions. We know everything is not solvable by Technology, but we will build IT platform and bring a process that simplifies your existing problem!





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Anyone can say anything over Internet.
Our advantage is our portfolio and existing customers who offer
references and bring new avenues to us.


We are a technology consulting firm; our philosophy, methodology and unique execution style offer variety of services to customers.


Offer full stack development solutions including UX Designs, Web Application, Mobility Solutions development and Cloud Deployment services.

Product Development

Deliver high quality IT Products with our reusable Platforms. Our Intention is to make IT Investment as Affordable and scalable for Product companies.

IT Consulting

Onboard full stack engineers, technology consultants, business consultants and Automation testing engineers for your business anytime, anywhere!

Cloud Deployment

Design, deploy and manage cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP and provide components that allows your business to auto scale and focus on growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Need to Develop an Application – Where Do I Start?
There are many great techniques and approaches that may help you to answer this question (you can read about them in our blog), but before starting any project, including custom software solutions development, we suggest answering 3 simple questions - Why? What? How?

1)Why do you need this application? What are your business goals?
2) What would you like to receive at the end? What is the outcome you expect?
3) How will you do this? What options for implementation do you have?

Once you answer them and create your vision of the application, we can contact us and we’ll discuss your idea.

I Want to Develop Software. How Much Does It Cost?
Software outsourcing cost may vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to:
1) a scale of your application idea (e.g. is it an simple two-pages website or a huge enterprise-level software)
2) innovations required (will it require some extra research and development, inventions, etc or use the well-know tech stack)
3) software development company experience in the tech and business domains, and of course
4) software outsourcing rates.

‍ Each application idea is unique and many factors will influence the cost of its implementation. That’s why we suggest our clients to get in touch with us and get the initial analysis and estimation absolutely for free.

Why Does my Project Require a Business Analyst?
Business Analysis is a groundwork for every custom software development. It helps to understand the software potential and estimate possible risks and assumptions as well as to find the best solution and insights for the project implementation. The business analyst provides information, asks and answers questions, and ensures that the technical solution provided by a tech team will meet the business expectations of stakeholders.

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